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 What We Do

Kadmium Art + Design Supplies is proud to announce the addition of our new Print Shop + Gallery! We are a fine art printing studio providing all printing, scanning, copying, and framing services of exceptional quality. 

Our aim is to create a space where artists can be provided with the highest quality products and services. Not only can you buy all your artist materials, now you can create limited edition prints as well! We have everything to offer in one place: from documenting, editing, printing and framing services at an affordable price.

In addition to our fine art services we will hold inspiring monthly art shows with original signed prints from national and international artists. Join us every month to meet new artists, talk about their own artistic process, create lasting memories and new friends. Stay tuned for our upcoming and current events!

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Our Current Artist


Maddie Egremont Illustration

I love detail and vivid, bright colours! As an artist and illustrator, the areas where I find inspiration and beauty are in heavily built up urban environments and the cultures that live within this. With both these areas is the idea of looking a little deeper and getting absorbed into the image. I tend to work in a series when creating personal work, it maybe a series of cityscapes or a series of close up portraits. My process consists of hand drawing the initial outline and then digitally colouring the image. For the colour I use a simplified version of the comic book process, starting with flat colours, then focusing on shading and detail. My artwork comes from a personal place of expression, as a child I grew up with my brother who has autism and drawing was our way of communication. I still believe in art in this way and this is also one of my reasons for loving illustration. I enjoy art that is accessible for everybody and always as a positive way of expressing yourself. 

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Previous Artists

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Johnny Romeo         
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Swilly Photography


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