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Due to Covid, Australian Post have stopped pick up in NSW.
Australian Post workers will resume work again on Wednesday 8th September

Sorry for your delay with orders


Lino + Etching Plates

  • Lino 3.2mm Thick A3 Size Approx. 42cm x 29.7cm - Brown

    Lino 3.2mm Thick A3 Size Approx. 42cm x 29.7cm - BrownLinoleum of very high quality especially manufactured for block printing. So called UNI Walton Brown. Important is that the block printing Linoleum is not surface...

  • Vinyl Tile

    Vinyl Tile - Soft double-sided (green/blue) black core plates consistently cut fluidly and easily with a minimum of effort and print substantially clearer than lino. The design is progressively revealed as the plate is cut...

  • Silk Cut Lino

    Silk Cut linoleum is a highly responsive medium that enables the artist to create beautiful prints. It has the ability to transmit all kinds of marks - angular and curved lines, textural detail and straight areas of pattern...

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