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When stretching your own canvas, it is necessary to have the right accessories available. Choose from our range of canvas pliers and canvas staple guns to help you achieve your own perfectly stretched canvas.

  • Rapid Tacker Staple Gun - R33

    Powerful tacker for fine wire staples. A professional tool for the exacting user. Long service life - capable of over 100,000 actuations. Recommended for securing textiles, canvas, leather, posters, netting, labels etc. For...

  • Rapid Tacker Staple Gun - R23

    Extremely durable tacker for fine wire staples. Suitable for securing thin materials, such as fabrics, paper and labels, and other tasks that need only short staples. For fine wire staples 4 - 8 mm. Rugged steel construction...

  • Rapid Finewire Staples - 6mm - 5000 Box

    6mm leg length.Box of 5000.Ideal for working in textiles, the fine wire has a minimal effect on the textile fibres.The holes left after removing these staples when masking off can be painted over without being covered with...

  • Holbein Heavy Duty Canvas Pliers No. 1053-5

    An excellent choice for any artist engaged in stretching large numbers of canvases and especially large canvases. These pliers make the job of stretching easier with wide and tenacious, rubber-lined jaws. The spring return...

  • Fredrix Canvas Pliers

    These pliers are made of heavy duty chromium plated steel. Perfectly mating deep teeth ensure a positive no-slip grip. Spring return handle.Code: 2090030010

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