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Fine Art Printing


What is Giclee Printing?


Giclee is a French term that means, “to spray”. This refers to how our large format inkjet printer operates and produces your prints. Our printer uses small spraying nozzles that increase the apparent resolution, matches colour seamlessly while applying ink precisely with smooth gradient transitions, rendering the highest quality print there is to offer.

Glicee prints are ideal for fine art limited editions and are in high demand from galleries and collectors. These prints have become the preferred method for art reproduction from artists around the world. With our quick turn around and outstanding archival standards, your print editions can be in high volume or as few as one print at a time.

Kadmium’s Print shop will minimize your expenses without having to lose desired exhibition-ready quality. You will be amazed by the colour fidelity and detail!

*In order to reach the best standard of print, it is important to note that each file needs to be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). The more dots of ink that can be printed per inch, the higher resolution, detail and likeness will be achieved. 


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