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Due to Covid, Australian Post have stopped pick up in NSW.
Australian Post workers will resume work again on Wednesday 8th September

Sorry for your delay with orders


Heavy Duty Glue

  • UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive - 100g

    UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive - 100gStrong, universal construction adhesive for interior and exterior use. High initial tack 100kg/m². Replaces nails and screws. White, elastic, gap filling and paintable. Solvent free...

  • UHU Epoxy Ultra Strong Glue - 2 x 10ml

    UHU Epoxy Ultra Strong Glue - 2 x 10mlUltra high-strength 2-component epoxy adhesive for the heaviest loadsc up to 170kg. Working Time: 90 minutes. Final bond is achieved after 24 hours. Can be drilled, sanded and painted...

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