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gamblin-artists-oils.pngMade with the finest grades of pigment available, Gamblin Artist Oils handle beautifully and have luscious working properties giving artists the ability to create paintings that last for generations.

Gamblin Artist Oils are completely non-toxic when used as recommended. This can be attributed to the fact that the oils in this range are made with alkali-refined linseed oil and safflower oil as the binders, both of which are non-toxic. When used as a binder, alkali-refined linseed oil creates a strong and flexible paint film and yellows significantly less than cold pressed linseed oil.

Crafted with the wellbeing of artists in mind, Gamblin Artist Oils are true to historic working properties and have a texture that readily responds to an artist’s intentions. With a wide array of colours available from mineral inorganic colours, modern organic colours and radiant colours, each with their own unique characteristics, Gamblin Artist Oils allow artists to explore their creativity.

Gamblin Artist Oils are available in 37ml and 150ml tubes.


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