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Current Artist

About Illustrator Maddie Egremont

 I love detail and vivid, bright colours! As an artist and illustrator, the areas where I find inspiration and beauty are in heavily built up urban environments and the cultures that live within this. With both these areas is the idea of looking a little deeper and getting absorbed into the image. I tend to work in a series when creating personal work, it maybe a series of cityscapes or a series of close up portraits. My process consists of hand drawing the initial outline and then digitally colouring the image. For the colour I use a simplified version of the comic book process, starting with flat colours, then focusing on shading and detail. My artwork comes from a personal place of expression, as a child I grew up with my brother who has autism and drawing was our way of communication. I still believe in art in this way and this is also one of my reasons for loving illustration. I enjoy art that is accessible for everybody and always as a positive way of expressing yourself. 




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