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 About the Print Shop

Kadmium Art + Design Supplies is proud to announce the addition of our new Print Shop + Gallery!

We now provide all PRINTING, SCANNING, COPYING, FRAMING services, and signed original prints in our Broadway store.

Our aim is to CREATE a space where artists can be provided with the highest quality products all in one place. We can assist you starting from the beginning stages, all the way through documentation, editing, printing, and framing at an affordable price.


Print, copy, scan, and edit your documents and files at The Print Shop. We offer colour, black & white, single or double sided quick prints and copies on A3 and A4 papers. Whether it be school, work, or personal documents, our printer delivers QUICK, high QUALITY services.


We specialize in providing artist grade GLICEE prints from our 64” (1626mm) Large Format Printer that is designed to professionally print any image directly onto our wide variety of fine art paper, photo paper, archival-grade canvas, and even matboard!


We will hold inspiring monthly art shows in our new gallery space, showcasing a selection of our favorite national and international artists. Each original Fine Art Print will be hand-signed by the Artist! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our Artists!

Stay tuned for our current and upcoming FREE events!

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